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>You vaguely wonder to yourself why you hate winter

>And then you remember why.


This is going to be a long few weeks…

"Big Bro Yosuke?"

[The child tugs on his shirt.]

"Is Big Bro Yosuke okay?"


the .flow fandom is a hot fandom with a hot creator

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I-It’s a block or two down. I’m trying my best to concentrate right now, and I want to make sure that you’re okay. I could care less about myself in this situation, especially since I’ve been through it with my own consent— [Yoko trailed off, deciding not to get into a conversation that would leave Souko judging the older siblings she looked up to (hopefully, she still did) for the rest of their time alive. However, she did mean it when she said things would be fine. 

That she would be able to handle this ongoing stimulation, and keep her attention placed on the one who needed it a whole lot more than she did. You don’t just date her particular Souji Seta, and think this as an impossible task.

No. This shit here is child’s play to Yoko Hanamura!] 

So I-I’ve got it under control— you’re the one who needs to be c-careful… [Trailing off, she cringed momentarily, feeling an uncomfortably pleasant shift in the motions. It had lessened for a second there, and look! The front door.] 



[What Yoko has been saying still raised some eyebrows, but she just went along with it and not ask any questions.

The sight of the door was a miracle. There truly was a god.]

"Great…You think you can let me down?"

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D-don’t be so worried about me! I’ll be fine! 

[She tried laughing it off, she really did… but it was getting more and more difficult with each additional setting. Yoko needed to stay strong at this time, carefully pulling Souko along with her for a quick dash to her household. If only her bike was around, maybe the ride wouldn’t have been so bad for the two of them? Oh, who was she kidding? That would make the situation escalate tremendously. With another inhale, the brunette took that moment, and whatever strength she had, to lift the smaller girl in her arms. Souji was right. 

Their little sister was light, and hopefully she wouldn’t be too uncomfortable in this feat. Running only made aided with the vibrations, especially since her attempts at running were pathetic.

She did not want Souko to suffer any more than she already was.]

A-Almos—nghn—almostthere… t-to my place…

[Souko raises an eyebrow when Yoko just waves it off. Fine my ass. Running only made the sensation worse, causing her to bite back small whimpers. She yelps when Yoko picks her up, remembering how light she was. It was a bit more relief though, with less stimulation.]

"How long is almost?"

(Source: death-in-truth)

♫ I can keep rhythm with no metronome: death-in-truth: [Souko looks at her big sis, and by the looks in her...


[Souko looks at her big sis, and by the looks in her face and expression, could she be experiencing the same thing she was going through?

What terrible luck they had.]

“I-is there anyone home in your place…?”

[She felt a throbbing sensation inside her against the toy,…

[Souko noticed how Yoko’s eyes widened and how she started to shake a little more. She was a about to ask what was wrong before Yoko stretched out her hand to her.]


[She grabs Yoko’s hand and stands up, the toy shifting in her as she did which made her knees nearly buckle.

H-how long was this supposed to last again?]